BS 10217-1:2002 pdf download – Welded steel tubes for pressure purposes — Technical delivery conditions — Part 1: Non-alloy steel tubes with specified room temperature properties
6.2 Options
A number of options are specified in this Part of EN 10217 and these are listed below. In the event that the purchaser does not indicate a wish to implement any of these options at the time of enquiry and order, the tubes shall be supplied in accordance with the basic specification (see 6.1):
1) Tube manufacturing process and/or route (see 7.3.2).
2) Selection of the delivery condition (see 7.3.5).
3) Restriction on copper and tin content (see Table 2).
4) Product analysis (see 8.2.2).
5) Longitudinal impact testing at –10 C for quality TR2 (see Table 4).
6) Selection of leak-tightness test method (see
7) Special end preparation (see 8.6).
8) Exact lengths (see 8.7.3).
9) Specific inspection for quality TR1 (see 9.1).
10) Type of inspection document other than the standard document (see 9.2.1).
11) Tensile test on the weld for tubes with 219,1 < D d 508 mm (see Table 11 ). 12) Test unit restriction for tubes with D d 76,1 mm of quality TR2 (see 10.1.1). 13) Wall thickness measurement away from the ends (see 11.9). 14) Non-Destructive Testing method (see either 11.11.1 or 11.11.2). 15) Additional marking (see 12.2). 16) Protection (see 13). 6.3 Example of an order 100 t of welded steel tube with an outside diameter of 168,3 mm, a wall thickness of 4,5 mm in accordance with EN 10217-1, made of steel grade P235TR2 with a 3.1.C inspection certificate in accordance with EN 10204: 100 t – Tube – 168,3 u 4,5 – EN 10217-1 – P235TR2 – Option 10: 3.1.C 7 MANUFACTURING PROCESS 7.1 Steelmaking process The steelmaking process is at the discretion of the manufacturer. 7.2 Deoxidation process Steels shall be fully killed. 7.3 Tube manufacture and delivery conditions 7.3.1﹑ All NDT activities shall be carried out by qualified and competent level 1,2 and/or 3 personnelauthorised to operate by the employer. The qualification shall be in accordance with EN 10256 or, at least, an equivalent to it. lt is recommended that the level 3 personnel be certified in accordance with EN 473 or, at least,anequivalent to it. The operating authorisation issued by the employer shall be in accordance with a written procedure.NDT operations shall be authorised by a level 3 NDT individual approved by the employer. NOTE The definition of level 1,2 and 3 can be found in appropriate Standards, e.g.EN 473 and EN 10256. For pressure equipment in categories l and 'V (of Directive 97/23-EC) the personnel shall be approved by arecognised third-party organisation.Tubes not conforming to this requirement shall be marked "'C 2", unlessa requirement to mark "C1" (see 7.3.3)applies 7.3.2 The tubes shall be manufactured by the manufacturing processes and routes as specified in Table 1.Unless Option 1 is specified the manufacturing process and route is at the discretion of the manufacturer.Option 1: The manufacturing process and/or route is specified by the purchaser. The submerged arc weld of SAW tubes shall be made using at least one weld run on the inside and oneweld run on the outside of the tube. The strip used for the manufacture of the helically submerged arc welded (SAWH) tubes shall have a widthof not less than 0.8 times or more than 3.0 times the outside diameter of the tube. The finished tubes shall not include welds used for joining together lengths of the hot or cold rolled strip orplate prior to forming except that for helically welded. For helically welded submerged arc welded(SAWH) tubes,when the weld joining lengths of strip are part ofthe delivered tube, they shall have the welding procedure qualified in accordance with annex A and the weldshall be subjected to the same inspection and testing as the helical weld. 7.3.3 Welding shall be carried out by suitably qualified personnel in accordance with suitable operatingprocedures. For pressure equipment in categories ll l, and lV, (of Directive 97/23 EC) the operating procedures and thepersonnel shall be approved by a competent third-party.Tubes not conforming to this requirement shall bemarked "C 1". 7.3.4 The welding procedure for SAW tubes shall be qualified in accordance with Annex A.7.3.5 The delivery conditions of tubes covered by this Part of EN 10217 are shown in Table 1. Unless Option 2 is specified at the time of enquiry and order the choice of the delivery condition is at thediscretion of the manufacturer. Option 2: The delivery condition is chosen by the purchaser.