BS 115-2:2010 pdf download – Safety of escalators and moving walks Part 2: Rules for the improvement of safety of existing escalators and moving walks
The following requirements and/or protective measures shall not be considered as the only possible solution.Alternatives are permitted, provided they lead to an equivalent safety level.
A risk assessment shall be made on a case by case basis to identify hazards or hazardous situations not coveredin this standard.
Where the requirements of this standard cannot be met technically and a residual risk remains,or cannot beavoided, the level of risk shall be reduced as far as it is practicable. When residual risk remains the use ofappropriate procedures such as signs, instructions and training should be considered.
Harmful materials such as asbestos in brake linings, contactor shields, cladding including machinery spaces andseparate machine rooms or control cabinet locations, etc. shall be replaced by materials which ensure the sameperformance level.
NOTEThese should be considered in relation to national requirements.
For specific requirements such as accessibility, the conditions in the building shall be assessed to determine whatis practical to be applied for escalators and moving walks.
lf an escalator or moving walk has been upgraded by one of the measures described in this standard,theconsequences to other parts of the escalator or moving walk shall be considered with special regard toEN 115-1:2008+A1:2010.
5.2 Supporting structure (truss) and enclosure5.2.1General
All mechanically moving parts of the escalator or moving walk shall be completely enclosed within panels or walls.Exempt from this are the accessible steps, the accessible pallets, the accessible belt and that part of the handrailavailable for the user.Ventilation apertures in compliance with EN ISO 13857;2008,Table 5 are permitted.
Exterior panels which are designed to be opened (e.g. for cleaning purposes), inspection covers and floor platesshall be provided with an electric safety device according to EN 115-1:2008+A1:2010,Table 6 n).For inspection
covers and floor plates it shall only be possible to open them by a key or a tool suited for that purpose.
lf rooms behind inspection covers and floor plates can be entered, it shall be possible to open them from the insidewithout a key or a tool even when locked.
lt is permissible to omit an enclosure of the mechanically moving parts if other measures (such as rooms withlocked doors accessible to authorised personnel only) make a hazard to the public impossible.
5.2.2Fire hazard Accumulation of combustible material inside the truss due to the daily environmental pollution can generatea fire hazard.Therefore, the inner part of the escalator/moving walk shall be cleaned regularly. Depending on the maintenance conditions, e.g.access, fire protection systems shall be installed.
5.3 Steps, pallets and belt
5.3.1 Tread surfaces for escalators and moving walks shall provide a secure foothold taking into considerationthe operational and environmental conditions.
5.3.2 Demarcation (e.g. groove in the step tread) shall be provided to highlight at the landings the rear edge ofthe steps.