BS 12817:2010 pdf download – LPG Equipment and accessories — Inspection and requalification of LPG tanks up to and including 13 m³
5 Written scheme
5.1 Each tank and its fittings shall be included in a written scheme taking into account the requirements of Clauses 6 to 8.
5.2 If duties are shared between different parties, the written scheme shall clearly identify the respective areas of responsibility.
5.3 Intervals between inspections shall be determined by consideration of the following:
the design specification of the tank and its equipment;
the corrosion protection system on the tank;
the system used to ensure that the LPG quality conforms to its specifications/standards, and that it does not contain components damaging to the material of the tank or its fittings;
the level of control over the filling and maintenance of the tank.
NOTE The maximum period between requalifications should not normally be greater than 20 years, and if conditions are not satisfactory the period should be reduced.
5.4 The written scheme shall contain the following information:
the maximum interval between inspections;
the parts to be inspected;
the nature of the inspection;
the critical parts that, if modified or repaired, shall be inspected by a competent person/body before they can be put back into service;
the requirements for pressure relief valves (see 7.5.1 );
the name of the competent body preparing the written scheme;
the date of the preparation of the written scheme.
6 Tank inspection and requalification
6.1 Routine inspection
6.1.1 Each tank and its fittings shall be routinely inspected at intervals defined in the written scheme.
6.1.2 An inspection or exception report shall be produced if repairs are required.
6.1.3 Routine inspections shall include visual inspections at the time of filling the tank.
6.1.4 Routine inspections shall include 7.1 , 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5.2, 7.5.4, 7.7 and 7.1 1 .