BS 15904:2010 pdf download – Glass packaging — Standard tolerances for flaconnage
1 Scope
This European Standard specifies the tolerances for the bottles intended to be used for pharmaceutical products, cosmetic and perfumery products and chemical products.
The following tolerances are concerned:
 brimful capacity;
 height;
 diameter and width;
 verticality.
The following types of bottles are excluded from this standard:
 “miniatures”;
 small bottles for extracts, essences, etc.;
 small jars (e.g. individual portions of jam).
2 Product group bottles and other glass containers
Three groups of bottles have been identified:
1) Flacons for pharmaceutical purpose and medicine bottles of all kinds
This group includes, for example, injection containers, drop bottles, infusion bottles, cough syrup bottles and other bottles and jars (ointment jars) used for pharmaceutical products.
2) Flacons for cosmetic
This group includes all bottles and similar containers used for cosmetic products, e.g. nail varnish,hair tonic, perfume and also cream jars.
3) Flacons for techno-chemical purposes
This group includes, for example, bottles for ink, varnish, glue, heavy chemicals, furniture polish stain remover, pest destruction agents and denatured alcohol.
3 Brimful capacity tolerances
The brimful capacity tolerances shall be as given in Table 1.