BS 62779-1:2016 pdf download – Semiconductor devices — Semiconductor interface for human body communication Part 1: General requirements
If applicable, control signals that are transmitted between the interface and a HBC modem shall be defined in the block diagram.
4.1 .3 Implementation types
4.1 .3.1 Manufacturing and assembling technology
The manufacturing technologies for an electrode, for example metallic pattern, thin film, etc.,and an analog front end, for example semiconductor monolithic integrated circuit, thin-film integrated circuit, hybrid integrated circuit, module, etc, shall be stated. Details of the semiconductor technologies shall be included.
An assembling technology between an electrode and an analog front end, for example modularization, integration, shall be stated.
4.1 .3.2 Package technology
The package type, for example ceramic, plastic or glass, shall be given.
If applicable, the IEC and/or national reference number of the outline drawing shall be stated.
4.2 Constructional specifications
The physical specifications of an electrode, for example material, dimensions, location, shall be given.
4.3 Electrical specifications
4.3.1 General
The electrical specifications should be given over the specified range of an operating temperature.
4.3.2 Power supply characteristics
The following characteristics shall be given.
a) supply voltage;
b) normal mode supply current;
c) disabled mode supply current.
4.3.3 Power supply type
A type of power supply, for example an outlet or battery, shall be given.
4.3.4 Dynamic characteristics of analog front end Powerline noise reduction filter, signal amplifier and high-pass filter
The following characteristics shall be given with respect to the corresponding component in a powerline noise reduction filter, signal amplifier and high-pass filter.
a) input impedance at a powerline noise reduction filter;
b) sensitivity level;
c) dynamic range;
d) maximum voltage gain over a pass band;
e) minimum voltage gain over a pass band;
f) decrease rate of voltage gain over a stop band;
g) bandwidth;
h) cut-off frequency.
NOTE The powerline noise reduction filter removes a high-power noise signal which can saturate the active components in the interface. The noise signal has the highest power usually at a powerline frequency, but if it has the highest power at a different frequency, the noise reduction filter is replaced with the one able to remove the corresponding noise signal. Comparator and CDR circuit
The following characteristics shall be given with respect to the corresponding component in a comparator and CDR circuit.
a) minimum input voltage;
b) hysteresis voltage;
c) switching threshold voltage;
d) lock range.
4.3.5 CDR circuit interface
The specifications for the input signal of a CDR circuit, for example a line code type and logic level, shall be given.
4.3.6 Modem interface Data
The specifications for a data signal that are exchanged between a HBC modem and an
interface shall be given. Clock
The specifications for a clock signal used for synchronization shall be given. Enabling signal
The specifications for an enabling signal to enable a HBC interface shall be given.
4.3.7 Limiting values Details to be stated
– Any dependency between the limiting values shall be specified.
– If externally connected and/or attached elements have an influence on the limiting values,the elements and their conditions shall be specified.
– If the limiting values are exceeded for transient overload, the permissible excesses and their durations shall be specified.
– All voltages are referenced to a specific reference terminal.
– The limiting values given shall cover an interface’s operation over the specified range of operating temperature. If the limiting values are dependent on temperature, the
dependency shall be given. Electrical limiting values
Limiting values of the following items shall be given:
a) supply voltage;
b) supply current – normal mode;
c) supply power;
d) input voltage at an electrode.
4.3.8 Temperatures
The following temperatures shall be given:
a) operating temperature;
b) storage temperature.
4.4 Operating specifications
4.4.1 Application
4.4.1 .1 Main application
The main application shall be stated, for example file transfer, real-time audio streaming and video download.
If there is any restriction in applications, it shall be stated.BS 62779-1 pdf download.