BS 8406:2020 pdf download – Event stewarding — Code of practice
5.4Terms and conditions of employment
The organization should follow the recommendations given in BS 10800:2020,Annex A.
5.5 Disciplinary code
The organization should follow the recommendations given in BS 10800:2020,Annex A.
5.6 Equipment and uniforms
The organization should follow the recommendations given in BS 10800:2020,7.6. The uniformshould fit for purpose for the function being carried out.
NOTE1 BS 10800:2020,7.6 has four sub-clauses which cover uniform, vehicles, use of other equipment andrecord keeping.
NOTE2 Attention is drawn to the Provision of Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (PPE)1992 [2].
Prior to commencement of duties at each event, all personnel should produce a primary photographicform of identification, i.e. passport, photo driving licence.
All personnel involved in event stewarding duties should wear a suitable form of individualidentification that is easily visible.
5.8Staff welfare checks
The organization should have policies and procedures in place for the welfare of all employees.NOTE This might include time both on and off duty.
5.9 Escalation procedures
There should be clearly defined procedures for management follow-up to incidents, and for responseand support to stewards if incidents occur.
lf the steward does not contact the control point at agreed times, as specified in the assignmentinstructions, the supervisor should be notified and a visit to the static site made or the relevantescalation procedure implemented.
5.10control point
The organization should establish and operate a facility for control, co-ordination and monitoringof the event.
Where practicable, the control point should be sited in a location that allows a view over the main siteof the event and should facilitate lines of communication. The control point should monitor safety,including co-ordinating responses to incidents and emergencies.
NOTE 1 Attention is drawn to the PSIA 2001 [ 1] and the HSE guide “Managing crowds safely” [3].NOTE 2 See also the HSE event safety guide [4] and the SGSA Guide to safety at sports grounds [5].
The organization should have a clearly defined and documented training policy for the scope anddelivery of the service.
Training should be carried out by competent, qualified training persons.
Training should be provided prior to deployment and be provided by competent persons, or viae-learning, in an environment that is suitable for the purpose of training.T’he training environmentshould be equipped with all the facilities that are needed to enable the training tasks to be
carried out.
6.2 Induction training
The organization should provide induction training in matters related to conditions of employment.This training should include (but not necessarily be limited to):
a) company structure;
b) company values, aims and mission statement (where applicable);
c)pay and benefits;
d)relevant company policies and procedures; ande) health and safety.
Induction training should be completed before the steward is deployed.
NOTE The content, timing and duration of induction training is left to the discretion of the organization.
6.3Operational training
The organization should provide training for all stewards.The level of training should be dependenton the roles, responsibilities and previous qualifications.
Training should cover the duties and complexities of the role being performed, and should cover theelements of the following core subjects,as applicable:
a)duties of a steward;
b) health and safety;
c)customer care and social skills;d) reporting procedures;
6.4 Counter-terrorism awareness
The organization should provide counter-terrorism awareness training to all employees. The training should be regularly updated and as the threat evolves. The training should include, as a minimum:
a) an introduction to the terrorist threat and vulnerabilities;
b) the role of stewards in countering the terrorist threat;
c) identifying and responding to suspicious behaviours;
d) identifying and dealing with suspicious items;
e) how to respond to a bomb threat;BS 8406 pdf download.