BS 8442:2022 pdf download – Miscellaneous road traffic signs and devices – Requirements and test methods.
Manually operated portable “Stop/Go”and “Stop Works”signs
The sign shall be supported on a stand or pole constructed in such a way that the height to the centre of the sign measured from the road surface is between 1.2 m and 1.8 m.
Where a stand is provided,it shall be so constructed that the operator can rotate the sign about a
vertical axis to present either face to an adjacent observer.Where specified by a purchaser,a device shall be incorporated in the stand that halts the movement of the sign in one direction,so that it
presents only one of its faces,and only allows it to revolve enough to present the other face before again being stopped.
The sign shall be fixed to the stand or pole in such a way that the fixing does not alter or obscure the
layout or colouring on either side of the sign.
Any visible supporting substrate to which the sign is applied shall be coloured grey.