BS 8602:2013 pdf download – Method for assessment of fire integrity of cast resin busbar trunking systems for the safety critical power distribution to life safety and fire fighting systems
1 Scope
This British Standard gives a method for assessment of the fire integrity of castresin busbar trunking systems for the safety critical power distribution to lifesafety and fire fighting systems, intended to maintain circuit integrity whenexposed to fire.It is applicable to cast resin busbar trunkings of rated voltagenot exceeding 1 0oo v a.c.
NOTE Busbar trunking systems are specified in Bs EN 61439-6;2012.
2Normative references
The following documents, in whole or in part, are normatively referenced in thisdocument and are indispensable for its application.For dated references, onlythe edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of thereferenced document (including any amendments)applies.
BS 8491:2008,Method for assessment of fire integrity of large diameter powercables for use as components for smoke and heat control systems and certainother active fire safety systems
BS EN 1363-1:1999, Fire resistance tests – Part 1: General requirementsBS EN 60584-1:1996,Thermocouples – Part 1: Reference tables
BS EN 61439-6:2012,Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – Part 6:Busbar trunking systems (busways)
BS EN ISO 13943:2010,Fire safety – Vocabulary
3Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this standard, the terms and definitions given inBS EN 1363-1:1999,BS EN 61439-6:2012 and BS EN ISO 13943:2010 apply.
4.1 Test equipment, as specified in BS EN 1363-1:1999,Clause 4, including theequipment specified in 4.2 to 4.4.
4.2 Furnace, capable of subjecting the busbar trunking assembly under test tothe standard heating and pressure conditions specified in Bs EN 1363-1 andsuitable for testing a busbar trunking assembly comprising both a vertical and ahorizontal section of busbar trunking as shown in Figure 1.The furnace shall beof sufficient size to accommodate the minimum dimensions of the test specimencomprising the components detailed in Clause 5 and as illustrated in Figure 1.The furnace shall have an opening in the roof for the vertical section of thebusbar trunking and an opening in the wall for the horizontal section of thebusbar trunking.
4.3 Six thermocouples, comprising plate type thermometers, type K as defined inBS EN 60584-1:1996 (see Figure 2), to provide a continuous indication of thetemperature at key points within the furnace (see 6.2).
4.4 Equipment for measuring and recording furnace pressure, as specified inBS EN 1363-1:1999, Clause 4.
.spring hangers; and
tap-off units (if applicable).
In the test specimen the busbar trunking configuration shall be representative ofthe manufacturer’s recommended installation arrangement.
The test specimen shall comprise of both a vertical and a horizontal section ofbusbar trunking, each coupled to a 90° bend (as shown in Figure 1) utilizing themanufacturer’s fire rated jointing materials (see 5.2).
The test specimen shall incorporate the manufacturer’s standard jointing
assembly, which shall be installed and assembled strictly in accordance with themanufacturer’s installation instructions.
The jointing process used, which is a critical element of the test, shall be
accurately recorded and documented in the test report, identifying the jointingmethods and materials utilized.
Time shall be allowed for the conditioning of the jointing materials, as requiredby the manufacturer’s installation instructions,prior to the fire test commencing.5.3Busbar trunking supports
The test specimen shall be fixed and supported as a busbar trunking assemblywould be in practice, by means of the manufacturer’s standard support hangersin accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
The busbar trunking supports shall be installed at the maximum spacing fromthe centre line of the joint recommended by the manufacturer, to give the worstcase installation conditions.
5.4Fire rated tap-off units
One or more fire rated tap-off units shall be included as part of the testspecimen,when applicable.
NOTE Where the busbar trunking is to be used in a riser with tap-off units atvarious floor levels it would be necessary to include the tap-off unit as part of thetest specimen.However, where the busbar trunking is to be used as a feeder frompoint A to point B without tap-off circuits along the busbar trunking length, itwould not be necessary to incorporate the tap-off unit in the test specimen.
lf fire rated tap-off units are installed, they shall be installed on the horizontaland/or vertical busbar trunking sections,as they would be in practice.
5.5 Description of busbar trunking assembly in the test specimen
A detailed description of the complete busbar trunking assembly in the testspecimen and all of its individual components shall be provided as part of thetest report.
5.6Application of fire retardant material
Where a busbar trunking assembly of the type being tested would normallyhave fire retardant material applied, fire retardant material shall be applied tothe test specimen.