BS EN 14383-1:2006 pdf download – Prevention of crime — Urban planning and building design — Part 1: Definition of specific terms
1 Scope This European Standard is the terminology part of a series for the “Prevention of crime by urban planning and building design”. For some specific terms used in the other parts, dealing with urban planning,dwellings, shops and offices, it provides equivalent terms in three languages, as well as definitions.
2 Normative references Not applicable.
3 Terms and definitions
3.1 access control set of techniques, means, procedures allowing levels of access rights and optionally the traceability of access to a site or to predefined sensitive areas of this site, ranging from no entry to free traffic
3.2 alarm transmission automatic transmission 0 alarm signals from an intrusion detection system to a monitoring centre or to a private individual
3.3 alternative route possibility of taking a different way in order to avoid any potential risk, in the context of prevention of crime
3.4 arson intentional criminal fire setting
3.5 assessing method n the field of crime prevention, quantifying and measuring a situation with data so as to judge it objectively
3.6 barrier symbolic,physical or electronic limits set with the purpose of creating partitions between certain area and its surroundings
3.7 breakin intentional trespassing on premises causing material damages
3.8 building design technical and architectural design of a building
3.9 burglary action of breaking into any premises with the purpose of stealing
3.10 car crime . crime ranging from vandalism to the theft of the vehicle
3.11 collective housing/residential block number of individual flats within one building
3.12 control centre (See also: monitoring centre) private or public, permanently staffed place which receives and handles remote alarms from burglary, fire detection systems and technical data of buildings; specific standards are required for the design and staffing of such a centre
3.13 crime prevention preventive measures against criminal activities
3.14 crime review analysis of an existing environment looking at the nature, type, frequency and seriousness of crime problems to be tackled
3.15 derelict land abandoned pieces of land in urban environments, awaiting re-use