BS EN 1559-1:2011 pdf download – Founding — Technical conditions of delivery Part 1 : General
6 Manufacture
6.1 ●● Manufacturing process The manufacturing process shall be left to the discretion of the manufacturer unless otherwise agreed by the time of ordering or otherwise specified in the product standard. NOTE The manufacturing process covers all operations up to the delivery of the casting(s). If requested in the order, the melting and moulding processes shall be indicated to the purchaser for information. 6.2 Welding operations 6.2.1 General The terms and definitions contained in the relevant European Standards for welding shall apply.
6.2.2 ●● Production welding Production welding includes finishing welding and joint welding. When joint welding is required, the purchaser shall give clear information in the inquiry and order. ●● According to the weldability of the material, the geometry of the weld and the shape and the purpose of the casting three options are available for finishing welding. Unless the option of choice is laid down in any relevant product standard and/or delivery standards, then the parties shall agree on one or more of the options below:
a) manufacturer may undertake finishing welding without reference back to the purchaser;
b) manufacturer shall inform the purchaser that finishing welding has been undertaken;
c) manufacturer shall obtain the purchaser’s agreement prior to undertake finishing welding. The order may require an approved procedure and/or a technical welding sheet and/or suitably qualified welders. ●● With due regard to the material and the shape of the casting, production welds shall be made in such a manner that the values obtained for the relevant properties of the weld metal and the heat-affected zone, are sufficient to correspond to the requirements of the parent material. Agreements may be made regarding the filler metals used. Otherwise, the manufacturer shall decide this, where applicable, in accordance with the recommendations of the standard covering the material, or his experiences. The areas where production welds are to be made shall be prepared and inspected so as to ensure a satisfactory weld. No plugs or similar devices shall be used when carrying out the welding work unless agreements to the contrary have been made with the purchaser. If filler pieces are inserted in the case of large weld areas, these shall be similar to parent material. ●● If a casting is locally or completely subject to exceptional stresses and if these require special measures or compliance with special specifications during manufacture or testing of the casting, agreements may be made with the manufacturer by the time of ordering with regard to production welds and their inspection. ●● Documentation for production welded areas may be agreed. ●● If necessary, after production welding the casting shall be subjected to heat treatment. For this purpose, the specifications given in the material standards shall be observed.
7 Requirements
7.1 General Requirements related to materials or to castings shall be considered separately. The castings shall comply with the requirements of the order. Consequently, the manufacturer shall carry out appropriate process control and inspection to ensure that the delivery complies with the requirements of the order, irrespective of the type of inspection document required (see 8.2).
7.2 Material
7.2.1 Chemical composition If not otherwise specified in the enquiry and order the requirements of the relevant material standard shall apply with regard to the chemical composition of the cast material. If not otherwise specified in the enquiry and order the data on the chemical composition of the cast material shall relate to the liquid metal, i.e. ladle analysis. If neither the relevant material standards nor the order or enquiry include any data on the chemical composition of the cast material, e.g. in cases where the material is specified by mechanical properties only, the choice of a suitable chemical composition shall be left to the manufacturer.
7.2.2 Mechanical properties If not otherwise specified in the enquiry and order, the requirements of the relevant material standard shall apply with regard to the properties of the material.
7.2.3 ●● Other properties Other material properties may be specified, such as corrosion resistance, creep resistance, structure or specific physical properties.
7.3 Casting 7.3.1 Chemical composition When a chemical analysis is required to be carried out on a casting the permissible deviations shall conform to those given in the material standard or to those which have been agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer. When applicable, the sampling position shall be agreed between the purchaser and the manufacturer.