BS EN 1870-15:2012 pdf download – Safety of woodworking machines — Circular sawing machines — Part 15: Multiblade cross-cut sawing machines with integrated feed of the workpiece and manual loading and/or unloading
Any combination of safety-related parts of control systems of different categories which achieve at least therequired level of fault resistance is acceptable in accordance with the requirements of 6.3 of EN 954-1:1996.
For the purposes of this European Standard Category 1 of EN 954-1:1996 for parts and the function of thesesafety related control systems is achieved if e.g. for:
a)electrical components if they comply with relevant standards including the following:
i)EN 60947-5-1:1997(section 3) for control switches with positive opening operation used asmechanically actuated position detectors for interlocking guards and for relays used in auxiliarycircuits;
il)EN 60947-4-1:2001 for electromechanical contactors and motor-starters used in main circuits;il)HD 22.1S4:2002 for rubber-insulated cable;
iv)HD 21.1 S4:2002 for polyvinyl chloride cable if this cable is additionally protected againstmechanical damage by positioning (e.g. inside frames).
b) hardwired control circuits if they are in accordance with the first four measures listed in ofEN 60204-1:1997;
c) mechanically actuated position detectors for guards if they are actuated in the positive mode and theirarrangementfastening and the cam designl mounting comply with the requirements of 5.2 and 5.3 of EN1088:1995;
d) interlocking devices with guard locking if they are at least an interlocking device with guard lockingwith manually operated delay device in accordance with the requirements in Annex N of EN 1088:1995;
e) pneumatic and hydraulic components and systems if they comply with EN 983:1996 and EN 982:1996respectively.
Time delay devices used in hardwired safety related control circuits may be of Category B in accordance withthe requirements of EN 954-1:1996 if the time delay device is designed for at least one million actuation.
NOTE Also see EN ISO 13849-2:2003 for information about assessment of well-tried components, possible exclusionof faults etc.
Electronic safety related control systems shall be in accordance with (i.e.redundancy with cross-monitoring) or (i.e. diversity) of EN 60204-1:1997.
Verification: By checking the relevant drawings and/or circuit diagrams and inspection of the machine. Forelectrical components by requiring confirmation from the manufacturer of any component which declaresconformity with the relevant standard.
5.2.2Position of controls
The main control devices for starting the saw spindles and integrated feed, normal stopping shall be locatedtogether and situated at a position from which the loading position can be seen.
Where controls are located on a separate movable control console it shall be of the type with cable connectionto the machine and its position relative to the machine shall be indicated in the instruction handbook (see 6.4).For positions of emergency stop see 5.2.5 and for the position of the hold-to-run control devices see
Verification: By checking the relevant drawings and/or circuit diagrams, inspection and relevant functionaltesting on the machine.
Before starting or restarting the machine all the safeguards shall be in place and functional. This is achievedby the interlocking arrangements described in 5.3.7.Start or restart shall only be possible by actuation of thestart control device provided for that purpose.
Starting of the saw spindle drive motor(s), the powered movements of the saw units and the poweredmovements of the saw spindles (if provided) and of the feed chain drive motor shall only be possible bymanually operated control devices.
For starting the feed chain motor see 5.2.6.
Where for initiating the movement of the feed chain a foot pedal is used this control shall be of the hold-to-runcontrol type.
Indication when power is supplied to a saw spindle motor and the integrated feed motor shall be provided.Means of indication shall be e.g. by a light signal near to the start control or integrated in the start button or bya two-position switch.
For electrically started machines see of EN 60204-1:1997.
For category of the start and restart function see 5.2.1.
Verification: By checking the relevant drawings and/or circuit diagrams,inspection and relevant functionaltesting on the machine.
5.2.4 Normal stopping
The machine shall be fitted with a stop control system,which when actuated, shall disconnect power from allmachine actuators and actuate the brakes (if provided).