BS EN 284:2006 pdf download – Swap bodies — Non-stackable swap bodies of class C — Dimensions and general requirements
This European Standard specifies basic requirements for non-stackable swap bodies of class C, having agross mass of not more than 16 t.
NOTE1″Swap bodies of class C” means that they are equipped with bottom fittings positioned according to thespecification for 1c (20′)ISO containers (see lso 668).
NOTE 2 Stackable swap bodies class C are specified in CEN/TS 13853.
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The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document.For datedreferences,only the edition cited applies. For undated references,the latest edition of the referenceddocument (including any amendments) applies.
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3Dimensions and ratings
The external dimensions, tolerances and rating (R)of the swap bodies covered by this European Standard arespecified in Figure 1 and Table 1.No part of the swap body shall project beyond the boundaries defined bythe external dimensions.
5 Design requirements5.1 Bottom fittings
5.1.1Swap bodies shall be equipped with four bottom fittings positioned in accordance with Figure 1 andTable 1.
5.1.2 The apertures and basic dimensions of the bottom fittings shall comply with Annex A.5.2Grappler arm lifting areas
5.2.1Swap bodies shall be equipped with four grappler arm lifting areas located as shown in Figure 2.Requirements for the location and dimensions of these areas are given in Figures 3 and 4.
5.2.2The total length of each grappler arm lifting area shall be in compliance with one of the followingconditions:
a) 850 mm as measured from the axis of the adjacent bottom fittings – additional end stop in swap body longitudinal direction are not required;
b) 500 mm if ftted with additional end stop in swap body longitudinal direction on either side of that area.
5.2.3 The safety lip, which forms an integral part of the grappler arm lifting area, must have a minimumlength of 500 mm, which ever of the two solutions above applied; i.e. if the total length of the grappler armlifting area is 850 mm, the safety lip may be removed as shown in Figures 3d), 3e) and 4a),4b), 4c) and 4d).
5.2.4 For box type swap bodies only the provision of a wear-resistant plate is recommended to protect theside walls. Such a plate shall not protrude beyond the outer plane of the grappler arm position, an offset of≤ 2mm is possible. For all other types (i.e. tarpaulin and curtainsiders) it is recommend that the curtain shallbe reinforced in the grappler arm contact area.
5.3 Steering tunnel Swap bodies shall have a steering tunnel incorporated in their base structure on the longitudinal centreline in accordance with Figure 5. The tunnel shall pass through the entire length of the base structure and be configured to provide load bearing surface at its lower outer edges. These load bearing surfaces shall be in one plane located up to a maximum of 6 mm above the lower surface of the bottom fittings. A funnel may be provided at the both ends of the steering tunnel in order to ease loading onto a vehicle. Where provided, the dimensions specified in Figure 5 shall not be exceeded.