BS EN 60352-5:2012 pdf download – Solderless connections Part 5: Press-in connections — General requirements, test methods and practical guidance
5.1 General remarks5.1.1 General
As explained in the introduction,there are two test schedules which shall be appliedaccording to the following conditions.
a) Press-in connections, according to the requirements in Clause 4 and the requirements in the manufacturer’s specification,shall be tested in accordance with the qualification testschedule in 5.3.2.
This test schedule is intended to be applied on individual press-in terminations withoutcomponent housing.
b) Press-in connections which are part of a component and already qualified to the
qualification test schedule shall be tested in accordance with the application test schedulein 5.3.4.
This test schedule is intended to be applied on complete components consisting ofmultiple press-in terminations mounted in a component housing.
The application test schedule shall be implemented in the detail standard of the component insuch a way that the duplication of tests may be avoided.
Therefore, the test phases in test group D (see may be inserted in any test group ofthe component specification,as long as the sequence,conditioning and environment complywith the requirements of this standard.
5.1.2Standard conditions for testing5.1.2.1General
Unless otherwise specified,all tests shall be carried out under standard conditions for testingas specified in lEC60512-1.
The ambient temperature and the relative humidity at which the measurements are made shallbe stated in the test report.
In case of dispute about test results,the test shall be repeated at one of the refereeconditions of lEC 60068-1.
Unless otherwise specified,the connections shall be preconditioned under standardconditions for testing in accordance with the requirements of lEC 60512-1 for a minimumperiod of 24 h.
Unless otherwise specified,the specimens shall be allowed to recover under standardconditions for testing for a period of a minimum of 2 h after conditioning.
5.1.3 Mounting of specimens
For the qualification test schedule, the sets of parts consist of press-in terminations and a testboard with plated-through holes. When mounting is required in a test,the parts shall bemounted using the mounting method described in the manufacturer’s specification.
For the application test schedule, complete components shall be pressed on a printed board,using the normal mounting method, unless otherwise specified in the component specificationor in the manufacturer’s specification.
NOTE For the definitions of sets of parts and specimen, see 3.6 and and measuring methods
NOTE As far as test methods are described in this subclause, it is intended that the description be replaced by areference to IEC 60512 as soon as the relevant test method is included in IEC 60512.
5.2.1 General examination Visual examination of parts and specimens
The test shall be carried out in accordance with IEC 60512, test 1a.Magnification shall be fivetimes, and all parts and specimens shall be examined to ensure that the applicablerequirements of 4.5 have been met. of dimensions
The test shall be carried out in accordance with lEC 60512,test 1b. All parts shall beexamined to ensure that the applicable requirements of 4.3 to 4.6 have been met.
5.2.1 .3 Inspection of tools
The tools shall be inspected and controlled according to the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications to be sure that the applicable requirements of 4.2 and 4.6 have been met.
5.2.2 Mechanical tests Bending
This test is only applicable to press-in terminations having a free post length of ≥1 0 mm protruding from the board.