BS EN 60950-22:2006 pdf download – Information technology equipment — Safety — Part 22: Equipment installed outdoors
Compliance is checked by examination of the construction and of available data regarding the UV resistance characteristics of the ENCLOSURE material and any associated protective coating. If such data is not available, the tests in Table 1 are carried out on the parts. Samples taken from the parts, or consisting of identical material, are prepared according to the standard for the test to be carried out.

They are then conditioned according to Annex C. After conditioning, the samples shall show no signs of significant deterioration, such as crazing or cracking. They are then kept at room ambient conditions for not less than 16 h and not more than 96 h, after which they are tested according to the standard for the relevant test. In order to evaluate the percent retention of properties after test, samples that have not been conditioned according to Annex C are tested at the same time as the conditioned samples.
The retention shall be as specified in Table 1.
8.3 Resistance to corrosion
8.3.1 General Metallic parts of OUTDOOR ENCLOSURES , with or without protective coatings, shall be resistant to the effects of water-borne contaminants. Compliance is checked by inspection, by evaluation of data provided by the manufacturer or, if necessary, by the tests and criteria as specified in 8.3.2 through 8.3.4. Compliance with the applicable performance level (A1, A2 or A3) of IEC 61587-1 is to be considered an acceptable alternative to complying with 8.3.2 through 8.3.4.
8.3.2 Test apparatus The apparatus for the salt spray test comprises a test chamber and spraying devices as described in IEC 60068-2-11. The apparatus for the test in a water-saturated sulphur dioxide atmosphere comprises an inert, hermetically sealed, chamber containing a water-saturated sulphur dioxide atmosphere (see Annex A) in which the test specimens and their supports are held. The chamber is as described in ISO 3231.
8.3.3 Test procedure The test is comprised of two identical and successive 12 day periods. Each 12 day period is comprised of test a) followed by test b): test a) – 168 h of exposure to the salt spray atmosphere. The concentration of the saline solution forming the salt spray atmosphere is 5 % ± 1 % by weight and the temperature of the test chamber is maintained at 35 ° C ± 2 ° C. test b) – 5 exposure cycles each consisting of an 8 h exposure to a water-saturated sulphur dioxide-rich atmosphere, (see Annex A), during which the temperature of the test chamber is maintained at 40 ° C ± 3 ° C , followed by 16 h at rest with the test chamber door open. After each 12 day period, the test specimens are washed with demineralized water.
8.3.4 Compliance criteria Compliance is checked by visual inspection. The equipment shall not show rust, cracking or other deterioration. However, surface corrosion of the protective coating is permitted. In case of doubt, reference shall be made to ISO 4628-3 to verify that the samples conform to specimen Ri1.
8.4 Bottoms of fire enclosures The bottom of a FIRE ENCLOSURE of OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT shall comply with 4.6.2 of IEC 60950-1 , except there are no requirements for the bottoms of FIRE ENCLOSURES of OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT provided that the installation instructions specify that the equipment is to be mounted directly and permanently on a non-combustible surface (such as concrete or metal). There is no need for a marking on the equipment. Compliance is checked by inspection.
8.5 Gaskets When gaskets are used as the method providing protection against the ingress of potential contaminants, 8.5.1 through 8.5.3 shall apply as appropriate.
8.5.1 General Joints for all devices closing openings into the equipment cavity of an ENCLOSURE subjected to splashing or seepage of oil, as well as any door or cover for such an ENCLOSURE , shall include a gasket in the full length of the joint. A gasket of elastomeric or thermoplastic material, or a composition gasket utilizing an elastomeric material that is provided on an ENCLOSURE subjected to water or dust, shall meet requirements of this standard.