BS EN 62149-1:2012 pdf download – Fibre optic active components and devices – Performance standards Part 1: General and guidance
4 Preparation of a performance standard
4.1 General
In the preparation of a performance standard, the following items shall be considered and instructions pertaining to them included.
• Product definition
• Tests
• Details
• Requirements
• Sample size
• Groupings/sequences
• Pass/fail criteria
• Reference product definition
4.2 Product definition
The product to which the performance standard relates shall be clearly defined.
4.3 Tests
The tests to be carried out on the product in order for it to meet the performance standard shall be clearly defined. No ambiguity or options shall be allowed.
The tests selected combined with the severities/durations, groupings/sequencing, method used and pass/fail criteria should be indicative of a defined product location within a service environment.
The test method to be used shall be clearly defined for each test. Wherever possible the testmethod shall be selected from lEC referenced tests; where this is not possible other testmethods may be defined. lf a previously undefined test method is used, the test method anddetails to be specified shall be included in an annex of the performance standard.
Severities,durations and the details to be considered, shall be given for all tests andmeasurements presented in a performance standard.These should be directly related to therequirements specified for a product location within a service environment to which theperformance standard is intended to correspond.No ambiguity or options shall be allowed.
The performance requirements that must be satisfied in order for the product to comply withthe standard shall be specified for each test and/or measurement.No ambiguities shall beallowed.
4.6Sample size
The sample size for each test shall be defined in an annex of the performance standard.Nodeviations shall be allowed.
Test groups and test sequences shall be defined in an annex as required by the user,usergroup or manufacturer. The number of samples for each test group shall also be defined inthe annex. Where prohibitive cost is associated with the active devices,numbers of samplesmay be reduced.
4.8Pass/fail criteria
The pass/fail criteria shall be unambiguously stated for each test within the performancestandard. No deviation or exceptions shall be allowed.
4.9Reference product definition
Where a reference product is called for in any of the test and measurement methods usedwithin a performance standard,the reference product shall be clearly defined in an annex ofthe performance standard.
4.10 Performance standard test report
Conformance to a performance standard shall be supported by a test report.The test reportmay be prepared by an independent test laboratory. The test report shall clearly demonstratethat the’ tests were carried out as per the requirements of the performance standard andprovide full details of the tests, together with a pass/fail declaration.
Any product failing a particular test or sequence of tests shall be reported in the performancestandard test report.The cause of the failure shall be given and any corrective action takenshall be described.
lf no design changes are made to the product,the test or test sequence where the failureoccurred shall be rerun with the results of both the tests reported.
Any design changes shall be identified in the performance standard test report. The full set of performance tests must be rerun and the results reported in this case.
4.1 1 Environmental aspects
The requirements concerning the reduction of adverse environmental impacts over the whole life cycle of products are not subject to this specification. The environmental aspects as appropriate shall be implemented according to the guidelines given in IEC Guide 1 09.