BS ISO 1888:2022 pdf download – Textile glass — Staple fibres or filaments — Determination of average diameter.
BS ISO 1888 specifies three test methods used for determining the average diameter (i.e. the average value of actual diameters) of staple fibres or filaments in a textile glass product.
4 Method A:Longitudinal profile
4.1 Principle
Fibres or filaments placed in a liquid medium having a refractive index differing from that of the textile
glass are viewed in profile under a microscope and the diameter measured.
4.2 Apparatus
4.2.1 Microscope,equipped with the following:
An eye-piece with a built-in micrometer graticule,the eye-piece and objective together giving an
overall magnification of at least x400 and preferably x1 000.The resolution of the microscope shall
permit measurement to the nearest 0,5 um or better.
A system permitting lateral and rotational movement of the microscope stage.
-An illumination system.
This system may be replaced by or used in conjunction with a microprojector on which specimens can be measured using a transparent scale (preferably a curved scale)。