BS ISO 19711-1:2016 pdf download – Building construction machinery and equipment — Mobile mixers — Part 1: Terminology and commercial specifications
1 Scope
This International Standard specifies terms, definitions, and commercial specifications for mobile mixers used for producing and delivering concrete, mortar and those materials to worksites.
It applies to mobile mixers that are either;
— truck mounted;
— semi-trailer mounted.
It does not apply to;
— fixed (stationary) mixers (see ISO 18650-1);
— turbo mixers (see ISO 18650-1);
— concrete or mortar mixing plants (see ISO 19720-1);
— small portable mixers (see ISO 18650-1).
— purpose built underground mobile mixers.
2 Normative references
The following reference documents are indispensable for application of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including amendment / amendments, if any) applies.
ISO 1176:1990, Road vehicles — Masses — Vocabulary and codes
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
mobile mixer
chassis mounted mixer device capable of producing and delivering homogeneously mixed concrete,mortar or those materials to worksites
Note 1 to entry: See Annex A, Figures A.1, A.2 and A.3.
truck mounted mobile mixer
mixer device mounted on a truck chassis
Note 1 to entry: There are two different types of mobile mixers; rear discharge type which discharges material rearwards and front discharge type which discharges material forwards.
semi-trailer mounted mobile mixer
mixer device mounted on a semi-trailer chassis
mixer device
upper portion of mobile mixer (excluding the chassis) which is typically composed of a mixer drum basic frame, mixer drum drive, roller pedestal, drive pedestal, charge and discharge devices, and a control device
vessel for mixing, agitating and discharging concrete or mortar
drum fin
spiral-shaped projection fitted inside the drum that mixes, agitates and directs the concrete and mortar out of the drum for discharge
manhole (hatch)
access opening at the surface of the mixer drum which is fitted with a cover to allow the passage of authorized personnel for inspection and maintenance purposes
roller pedestal
support structure for the mixer drum at its open side where charge and discharge components are fitted
drive pedestal
support structure for the mixer drum at its closed side where mixer-drum drive is fitted
basic frame
structure connecting the roller and the drive pedestal for attachment of the mixer device to the chassis
Note 1 to entry: Certain types of mobile mixers are without basic frame, wherein roller and drive pedestal of mixer device is directly fixed to truck chassis.
working platform
level surface adjacent to the charge component area of the mobile mixer for drum cleaning, maintenance and inspection
charge device
receptacle (e.g., hopper) that takes in charged material transitorily and charges it to the mixer drum
discharge device
components (i.e., discharge hopper, chute system) to receive and distribute discharged material:
— discharge hopper;
— swivel chute;
Note 1 to entry: The swivel chute is adjustable vertically and swiveling horizontally;
— flip-over chute (see Annex B Figure B.1): folding part on the swivel chute;
— extension chute: parts to hang onto the swivel chute or alternatively onto the flip-over chute
discharge hopper
receptacle that receives discharged material from the mixer drum
chute system
device(s) used to distribute the discharged material to a desired location
Note 1 to entry: A chute system can include a swivel chute with flip over chute which can adjust vertically and swivel horizontally, and extension chute(s) which can extend from the flip-over chute to a desired distance.
mixer drum drive
energy transmission device for the rotation of the mixer drum
Note 1 to entry: This energy can be supplied by for example the truck engine PTO, a separate auxiliary engine, an electrical drive.
control device
elements for the control of the mixer drum drive
Note 1 to entry: The control device is typically situated either in the cabin on the front discharged type mobile mixer, or at the rear side of the drum on rear discharged type mobile mixer.
water system
device for cleaning, consisting of a water tank with pipes, hoses and valves, if needed also a water meter
Note 1 to entry: The water system works pneumatically or by water pump.
Note 2 to entry: The water system can be used when adding water on construction site to dry mixed materials.
drum capacity
internal actual geometry volume of drum
agitating capacity
volume of concrete or mortar that the mobile mixer is capable to convey without spillage while maintaining its quality.
maximum mixture capacity
maximum value of mixture capacity that is recommended by the manufacturer for mixing concrete or mortar while maintaining the quality standard or while satisfying the quality standard.BS ISO 19711-1 pdf download.