BS ISO 20805:2017 pdf download – Hot-rolled steel sheet in coils of higher yield strength with improved formability and heavy thickness for cold forming
8 Mechanical property tests
8.1 Tensile test The tensile test shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 6892-1. Transverse test pieces shall be taken mid-way between the centre and edge of the sheet as-rolled.
8.2 Impact test While not usually specified, if so agreed at the time of ordering, impact tests may be specified for material ordered according to this document. The test piece shall be taken in the longitudinal direction and the test shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 148-1. Material less than 11 mm in thickness will result in sub-size impact tests.
9 Retests
9.1If any test piece shows defective machining or develops flaws, it shall be discarded and another piece substituted.
9.2 Elongation If the percentage of elongation of any test piece is less than that specified in Table 4 and if any part of the fracture is outside the middle half of the gauge length as scribed before the test, the test shall be discarded and a retest shall be carried out.
9.3 Additional tests If a test does not give the specified results, two more tests shall be carried out at random on the same lot. Both retests shall conform to the requirements of this document; otherwise, the lot shall be rejected.
10 Resubmission 10.1 The manufacturer may resubmit for acceptance the products that have been rejected during earlier inspection because of unsatisfactory properties, after the rejected products have been subjected to a suitable treatment (e.g. selection, heat treatment), which, on request, will be indicated to the purchaser. In this case, the tests shall be carried out as if they applied to a new batch.
10.2 The manufacturer has the right to present the rejected products to a new examination for compliance with the requirements for another grade.
11 Workmanship
11.1 The surface condition shall be that normally obtained in a hot-rolled or hot-rolled descaled product.
11.2 The steel sheet in cut lengths shall be free from laminations, surface flaws and other imperfections that are detrimental to subsequent appropriate processing.
11.3 Processing for shipment in coils does not afford the manufacturer the opportunity to observe readily or to remove imperfect portions, as can be carried out on the cut-length product. However, this does not relieve the manufacturer of the responsibility to provide a product that meets the requirement for surface condition that is normally obtained in a hot-rolled or hot-rolled descaled product.
12 Inspection and acceptance
12.1 While not usually required for products covered by this document, when the purchaser specifies that inspection and tests for acceptance be observed prior to shipment from the manufacturer’s works, the manufacturer shall afford the purchaser’s inspector all reasonable facilities to determine that the steel is being furnished in accordance with this document.
12.2 Steel that is reported to be defective after arrival at the user’s works shall be set aside, properly and correctly identified and adequately protected. The manufacturer shall be notified in order that they may properly investigate. 13 Coil size When hot-rolled steel sheet in accordance with this document is ordered in coils, a minimum inside diameter (ID) or range of acceptable inside diameters shall be specified. In addition, the maximum outside diameter (OD) and the maximum acceptable coil mass shall be specified.
14 Marking
Unless otherwise stated, the following minimum requirements for identifying the steel shall be legibly stencilled on the top of each lift, or shown on a tag attached to each coil or shipping unit:
a) the manufacturer’s name or identifying brand;
b) a reference to this document, i.e. ISO 20805:2017;
c) the grade designation;
d) the order number;
e) the product dimensions;
f) the mass;
g) the bundle/coil number;
h) production date.BS ISO 20805 pdf download.