BS ISO 22059:2020 pdf download – Guidelines on consumer warranties/guarantees
5.3.2 Non-perishable product The duration of the warranty/guarantee for non-perishable products shall be clearly stated and, in the case of warranty/guarantee of a specified duration, the starting date shall be the date of purchase and not the date of manufacture.
5.4 Breach of warranty/guarantee
5.4.1 Details of breach A warranty/guarantee shall clearly state the elements of safety, performance and durability which are warranted/guaranteed.
5.4.2 Process to resolve the breach
The warranty/guarantee should state the claims/complaints procedure to be used by the consumer.
5.4.3 Recurrent defects Products that fall into a cycle of warranty/guarantee claims/complaints for the same defect shall be fully replaced or refunded upon agreement with the consumer.
5.5 Exclusion of warranty/guarantee
5.5.1 Exclusion/limitation of liability Exclusion of liability by the manufacturer and/or supplier shall be reasonable and shall be clearly specified. It may be acceptable to allow exclusions where it can be proven that the failure resulted from inappropriate use by the consumer, e.g., putting diesel into a petrol-driven vehicle.
5.5.2 Unfair terms Warranties/guarantees shall not contain unfair terms. The terms and conditions shall not absolve the manufacturer and/or supplier from liability in the event that a consumer suffers injuries as a result of using the product. 6 Categories of warranties/guarantees
6.1 General In all contracts for the supply of products, consumers should be protected by a number of implied and express warranties/guarantees. The warranties/guarantees are given in 6.2 through 6.9.
6.2 Warranty/guarantee as to title/legal rights A consumer shall receive clear title to the product, that is, the seller must be entitled or has legal rights to the product prior to sale.
6.3 Warranty/guarantee as to quality Products shall be of acceptable quality – they must meet a level of quality and performance that would be reasonable to expect, given their price and description. They shall also be free from defects that were not obvious at the time of purchase.
6.4 Warranty/guarantee as to fitness for particular purpose
a) The products shall be fit for any particular purpose that the consumer makes known, expressly or by implication, to the manufacturer and/or supplier as the purpose for which the product is being acquired by the consumer; and
b) the products shall be fit for any particular purpose for which the manufacturer and/or supplier represents that they are, or will be, fit.
6.5 Warranty/guarantee that products comply with description Products shall correspond with the description (if any) given to the consumer by the manufacturer and/or supplier.
6.6 Warranty/guarantee that products comply with sample Products supplied by reference to a sample or demonstration model shall correspond with the sample or demonstration model in description, quality and performance.
6.7 Warranty/guarantee as to repairs and spare parts The manufacturer and/or supplier shall specify the duration of the warranty/guarantee as to repair and provide spare parts. The manufacturer and/or supplier should take reasonable action to ensure that facilities for the repair of the product and the supply of spare parts of the product are available for the specified period of time after the product is so supplied.
6.8 Warranty/guarantee as to inspection
A manufacturer and/or supplier shall make available the product for inspection to the consumer at the point of supply before the product is supplied. Inspection by the consumer does not bar the consumer’s right to enforce the warranty/guarantee and any statutory remedies.
6.9 Express warranty/guarantee
A manufacturer of products is bound by the express warranty/guarantee supplied to a consumer. An ‘express warranty/guarantee’ in relation to a product means an undertaking, assertion or representation in relation to:
a) the safety, performance and durability or characteristics of the product,
b) the provision of services that are, or may at any time be, required in respect of the product,
c) the supply of parts that are, or may at any time be, required for the product,
d) future availability of a similar product, or of a product constituting or forming part of a set of which the product is included under the assertion or representation given, or
e) the return of money or other consideration should the product not meet any undertaking by the manufacturer.BS ISO 22059 pdf download.