BS ISO 23323:2021 pdf download – Ships and marine technology — Specification for software-based planned maintenance systems
4.3 Maintenance process
4.3.1 Maintenance planning
The running hours of the equipment or systems shall be updated by visual inspection or average running hours.
The SPMS shall enable the user to establish a maintenance plan for a period of time (e.g. for a given number of months) or for a voyage, based on manpower, scheduling and dependencies of the maintenance tasks, at least including:
a) the machinery;
b) the maintenance task and description;
c) the planning method;
d) the spare parts needed;
e) the person in charge;
f) the due date.
If the maintenance plan period is determined, the SPMS task times for the selected period shall be automatically listed up, so that the user can confirm the SPMS tasks to be performed during the period and establish the detailed implementation schedule.
The SPMS shall enable the user to establish unplanned and unexpected maintenance tasks as the need arises according to 4.2.2.
The SPMS shall enable the user to reschedule a due date before the calculated due date, and record the related reasons.
The SPMS shall provide a forecast for the material resources required for a set future period of time in a range of equipment and systems to be produced, based on the existing maintenance plans.
4.3.2 Reporting
When a maintenance task is completed, details on the maintenance task shall be reported, at least including:
a) the maintenance date;
b) the person in charge;
c) the time used;
d) the spare parts used;
e) the quantity of spare parts used;
f) a picture (if any);
g) the related planned maintenance task;
h) comments (such as reason for overdue).
When the above data is inputted completely for one task, the subsequent plan date and other related information shall be generated, such as:
a) the name of machinery, equipment;
b) the SPMS task and description;
c) the last maintenance date;
d) the next maintenance date;
e) the person in charge.
4.3.3 Approval
Supervision over input data shall be exercised through the SPMS, so that a user with supervisor’s permissions can review and manage maintenance reports.
The approval shall be recorded, and the supervisor shall be capable of checking the list of tasks, categorized in terms of approved versus unapproved and planned versus completed.
5 Optional functions
5.1 Spare parts management
When first installed, at least the following particulars of spare parts shall be registered through the SPMS:
a) machinery number;
b) parts number;
c) parts name;
d) manufacturer;
e) parts type;
f) machinery related to the spare part;
g) quantity in use;
h) stock quantity;
i) expected stock quantities: minimum, maximum;
j) storage item location;
k) expiry date (if necessary);
l) critical item or statutory item.
The stock quantity shall be updated through the SPMS, based on the report of maintenance tasks and stock transactions, and a complete overview of current stock shall be provided.
A stock transaction record shall be kept, and stock in or stock out shall be registered automatically or manually. Details of stock transaction records shall include:
a) purchased (the quantity is increased);|
b) used (the quantity is decreased);
c) returned unused (the quantity is increased);
d) lost (the quantity is decreased);
e) found (the quantity is increased);
f) sold (the quantity is decreased);
g) transferred in (the quantity is increased);
h) transferred out (the quantity is decreased);
i) delivered back (the quantity is increased);
j) lent out (the quantity is decreased);
k) trashed (the quantity is decreased).
For the stock items marked as perishable, the SPMS shall notify the user when the stock item is beyond the warranty period.
5.2 Analysis and optimization
5.2.1 Maintenance plan
Analysis of the implementation history of maintenance plan should be achieved through the SPMS, and recommendations on amendments to the maintenance plan, such as optimized task sequence and task period, should be provided for more efficient maintenance. Once the recommendations are confirmed by the authorized person, the maintenance plan may be updated accordingly.BS ISO 23323 pdf download.