BS ISO 3297:2020 pdf download – Information and documentation — International standard serial number (ISSN)
5 Assignment of ISSN — Principles
5.1 An ISSN shall be assigned only by a member of the ISSN network upon request from an applicant or as part of internal library processing such as legal deposit and digitization projects.
5.2 A request for an ISSN may be made to the ISSN network by any individual or organization that needs to identify serials and other continuing resources, e.g. a publisher or their representative, a library, a content provider, a preservation organization.
5.3 A request for an ISSN shall be accompanied by a copy of or access to the earliest issue of serials or the current iteration of integrating resources.
5.4 A request for an ISSN shall be accompanied by metadata about the continuing resource to which an ISSN is to be assigned. Metadata supplied by applicants should be accurate and verifiable.
5.5 At the time of registration by the ISSN network, each continuing resource is assigned a unique key title that links permanently to the ISSN.
5.6 Each distinct continuing resource in a particular medium version should be assigned only one ISSN.
5.7 When a continuing resource is published in different editions or medium versions, a unique ISSN and key title should be assigned to each edition or medium version whether or not they have the same title proper.
5.8 A new ISSN should be assigned, and a corresponding new key title should be established when the continuing resource undergoes a major change in title or other major changes. The ISO 3297 Registration Authority shall determine, the rules which specify when a new ISSN is required following changes to a continuing resource. In formulating these rules, the ISO 3297 Registration Authority shall take into consideration other relevant bibliographic standards regarding continuing resources.
5.9 Once an ISSN has been assigned to a continuing resource, it should not be altered, replaced or reused for another publication.
5.10 The assignment of an ISSN to a continuing resource shall not imply any meaning or legal evidence with regard to the ownership of rights to that publication or its contents. The ISSN itself is not owned by the applicant and is not changed solely because of a change of publisher or place of publication.
5.11 The assignment of an ISSN to a continuing resource does not imply the ISSN network endorses the content of this continuing resource, nor does it imply any mark of quality about the continuing resource.
6 Establishment of the key title and the abbreviated key title
6.1 The key title is established or authenticated by the ISSN network.
6.2 The key title is based on the title proper. For serials, the issue used to establish the key title is the first issue or earliest available issue at the time of registration. For integrating resources, the key title is based on information appearing on the current iteration. The title proper of the resource becomes the key title if this title is unique in the ISSN Register at the time of registration. If this title proper is not unique, the key title is the title of the resource, to which a parenthetical qualifying term is added (such as name of issuing body, place and/or date of publication, edition statement or medium statement), in order to make the resulting key title unique.
6.3 All key titles should be listed in the ISSN Register together with their ISSN. Key titles shall be Romanized, preferably according to International Standards. The ISO 3297 Registration Authority shall publish references to Romanization standards [5]-[16] and guidelines. 6.4 The abbreviated key title should be assigned by the ISSN network as indicated in conjunction with the key title for scientific continuing resources so as to provide an abbreviated form of the key title for purposes of indexing and citations.
7 Continuing resource clusters identified with cluster ISSN
The ISO 3297 Registration Authority shall be responsible for determining the need to identify clusters of continuing resources. This shall be done by assigning a new ISSN and a prefix whose syntax will be ISSN-X where X identifies the type of cluster. Examples of clusters are all earlier, later and current titles of a resource or all language editions of a resource. The ISO 3297 Registration Authority shall publish definitions of cluster types and document the processes by which cluster ISSNs are created and disseminated. By exception, the cluster identified by the Linking ISSN (ISSN-L) uses an existing ISSN. The Linking ISSN shall be defined according to Annex B. ISSN-L provides collocation or linking among the different medium versions of a continuing resource. The ISSN-L duplicates the ISSN assigned to the first medium version to have received an ISSN for a continuing resource that is part of the cluster and is distinguished only by the prefix ISSN-L