BS ISO 3867:2017 pdf download – Composition cork — Expansion joint fillers — Test methods
1 Scope
This document specifies test methods to determine the following characteristics of the composition cork intended to be used as a joint filler of expansion joints of concrete or other construction materials:
— apparent density;
— expansion in water;
— compression;
— recovery;
— extrusion;
— water absorption.
These test methods apply to agglomerated cork joint filler with a nominal thickness ranging from6,3 mm to 25 mm.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 633, Cork — Vocabulary
ISO 3869:2017, Agglomerated cork — Expansion joint fillers — Specifications, packaging and marking
ISO 7322:2014, Composition cork — Test methods
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 633 apply.
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— ISO Online browsing platform: available at http:// www .iso .org/ obp
— IEC Electropedia: available at http:// www .electropedia .org/
4 Apparatus
4.1 Balance, with resolution of 0,01 g.
4.2 Vernier gauge, with resolution of 0,1 mm.
4.3 Compression testing machine, with one fixed jaw and one mobile jaw which shall move unloaded at a speed of 1,3 mm/min, and having enough capacity to reduce the test specimen to 50 % of its initial thickness.
4.4 Load recorder, to indicate the load with a readability of 1 %.
4.5 Three-sided extrusion mould, to confine the lateral movement of test specimens under compression to one side only. The mould shall have internal dimensions equal to (100 ± 0,5) mm × (100 ± 0,5) mm and sides of such height as to extend at least 13 mm above the test specimens.
4.6 Steel template, measuring 100 mm × 100 mm, so that it fits the extrusion mould to within 0,13 mm in length and width, equipped with a dial comparator.
4.7 Dial gauge, with a resolution of 0,02 mm.
4.8 Metal plate, measuring (100 ± 2,5) mm × (100 ± 2,5) mm × 6 mm, with rectified parallel faces.
4.9 Cutting system.
4.10 Climatic chamber.
5 Sampling and preparation of test specimens
5.1 Sampling
5.1.1 The sample taken shall be approximately 0,2 m 2 from each lot of 100 m 2 and shall consist of sufficient material to provide at least five test specimens measuring 100 mm × 100 mm. Each test specimen shall be squarely cut using the cutting system (4.9).
5.1.2 The test specimens from self-expanding agglomerated cork (joint filler) shall be properly banded and wrapped in plastic at the factory immediately after cutting.
Samples shall be packaged for safe transportation to the testing laboratory so that there is no distortion or fissure of the material.
5.2 Preparation of test specimens
5.2.1 If necessary, squarely cut the test specimens immediately before testing so that the test specimens measure 100 mm × 100 mm. Each test specimen shall be cut using a metal plate (4.8) as cutting system.
5.2.2 The test specimens of self-expanding agglomerated cork shall be dried for 24 h at ambient air after boiling the test specimens (see 6.2.1). Then cut the samples to the dimensions indicated in 5.1.1.
6 Tests
6.1 Determination of dimensions
6.1.1 Determination of thickness
Determine the thickness in accordance with ISO 7322:2014, 6.1.
6.1.2 Determination of length and width
Determine the length and width in accordance with ISO 7322:2014, 6.2.1.
6.2 Expansion in water
6.2.1 Procedure
For self-expanding agglomerated cork, use the five test specimens delivered by the manufacturer, as described in 5.1.2.
Determine the thickness (d 1 ) of one test specimen, as described in 6.1. Immerse the test specimen in boiling water for 1 h. Remove the test specimen and allow to cool at room temperature for 15 min.
Measure the final thickness to the nearest 0,1 mm.BS ISO 3867 pdf download.