BS ISO 4382-2:2021 pdf download – Plain bearings — Copper alloys Part 2: Wrought copper alloys for solid plain bearings
This document specifies requirements for wrought copper alloys for use in solid plain bearings, particularly for bushes. This document provides a limited selection of alloys currently available for general purposes.
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4 Requirements
4.1 General
WARNING — Lead’s (Pb) toxicity is recognized, and its use has since been phased out of many applications. However, many countries still allow the sale of products that expose humans to lead. Lead is a neurotoxin (see Figure 1).
4.2 Material properties
Material properties shall be in accordance with Table 1.
The Brinell hardness is regarded as the test and acceptance value. All other indicated values are mean values and are regarded as typical values for the designer. In view of the range of possible alloy compositions, relatively large deviations from the indicated values must be expected in individual cases.
5 Designation
EXAMPLE Designation of a bearing metal having the symbol CuSn8P and a minimum Brinell hardness of 120:
Bearing metalISO 4382 – CuSn8P – HBW 120.BS ISO 4382-2 pdf download.