BS ISO 6347:2017 pdf download – Textile floor coverings — Consumer information
1 Scope
This document specifies the technical subjects that form the basis for the provision of information, at the point of sale, for consumer guidance prior to and after the purchase of a textile floor covering. It is applicable to textile floor coverings of all types.
2 Normative references
The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 1765, Machine-made textile floor coverings — Determination of thickness
ISO 2076, Textiles — Man-made fibres — Generic names
ISO 3018, Textile floor coverings — Rectangular textile floor coverings — Determination of dimensions
ISO 6938, Textiles — Natural fibres — Generic names and definitions
ISO 8543, Textile floor coverings — Methods for determination of mass
ISO 24342, Resilient and textile floor-coverings — Determination of side length, edge straightness and squareness of tiles
3 Terms and definitions
No terms and definitions are listed in this document.
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4 Product specifications to be provided to the consumer
4.1 Essential information
4.1.1 General
Essential information shall be provided, along with the textile floor covering, at all stages from manufacturer to consumer. The manufacturer or his authorized representative shall provide the following minimum information to each consumer with each textile floor covering. The manufacturer’s tolerances shall be included.
4.1.2 Means of identifying the responsible supplier
This information shall contain the name of the manufacturer or his authorized representative, brand name and trade mark.
4.1.3 A commercial reference
Information which positively and uniquely identifies the individual textile floor covering within the supplier’s range, i.e. style name and/or style number.
4.1.4 Type and fibre content of use-surface
Man-made fibres shall be identified in accordance with ISO 2076. Natural fibres shall be identified in accordance with ISO 6938.
When analysis of fibre contents is required, it shall be in accordance with ISO 1833-1 to ISO 1833-26.
Attention is drawn to national legislation having requirements for labelling textiles according to fibre content.
4.1.5 Dimensions
The length and width of rectangular textile floor coverings sold as rugs or mats, and the width of those sold as a single piece (e.g. runners or wall-to-wall floor covering) shall be determined in accordance with ISO 3018.
The side length, edge straightness and squareness of textile floor covering tiles, sold as modular carpe tiles, shall be determined in accordance with ISO 24342.
4.1.6 Total thickness
Total thickness shall be determined in accordance with ISO 1765.
4.1.7 Total mass per unit area
Total mass per unit area shall be determined in accordance with ISO 8543.
4.2 Optional information
Optional information relating to the textile floor covering shall be provided in a leaflet, or other form,at the request of the purchaser.
Annex A lists the items of optional information, some or all of which should be provided.BS ISO 6347 pdf downloadl