BS ISO 7112:2017 pdf download – Machinery for forestry — Portable brush-cutters and grass-trimmers — Vocabulary
1 Scope
This document defines terms relating to portable hand-held brush-cutters and grass-trimmers, their cutting attachments and power sources.
The brush-cutter position is shown in Annex A.
2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
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3.1 Work functions
separation of a standing tree from its root system
reduction of bushes, small trees and other growing organic materials to smaller pieces
cutting of weeds, grass and other similar soft vegetation
cutting means thrust
sudden and uncontrolled motion towards the operator’s side or rear that can occur when the rotating cutting means ( comes in contact with a solid object
3.2 Machine types
unit using a rotating cutting means ( made of metal or plastics, intended to cut weed, scrub, brush-wood, and similar vegetation
brush saw
brush-cutter (3.2.1) fitted with a circular saw blade ( intended to cut small trees and saplings
unit using flexible non-metallic line(s) string(s) or similar non-metallic flexible cutting elements, such as pivoting cutters, intended to cut weed, grass or similar soft vegetation
electric powered grass-cutting machine with a non-metallic, non-rigid cutting attachment (3.3.1), of a cutting capacity (kinetic energy) of not more than 10 J, operating in a plane parallel to the ground
lawn edge-trimmer
powered grass-trimming machine where the cutting attachment (3.3.1) operates in a plane approximately perpendicular to the ground
3.3 Cutting equipment
cutting attachment
cutting device such as a cutting means, saw blade or a flexible cutting means
cutting means
rotating device with cutting edges, designed to cut weed, brush, scrub and similar vegetation
saw blade
rotating circular metal blade with peripheral cutting teeth, designed to cut wood, such as small trees and saplings, by continuously removing material
flexible cutting means
non-metallic rotating cutting means ( using flexible line(s), string(s) or pivoting cutting elements
3.4 Safety devices
cutting means retainer
saw blade retainer
mechanism which holds the cutting means ( or saw blade ( to the driving member
cutting attachment guard
device intended to protect the operator from unintentional contact with the cutting attachment (3.3.1) and from thrown objects
cutting means cover
transport cover
manually removable device covering the cutting edges of the cutting means ( or saw blade ( during transportation or storage
quick-release mechanism
device enabling the operator to free himself quickly from the unit in case of emergency.BS ISO 7112 pdf download.