BS ISO 7299-2:2021 pdf download – Diesel engines — End-mounting flanges for pumps Part 2: High-pressure supply pumps for common rail fuel injection systems
This document specifies dimensional requirements for 10 types of end-mounting flanges of hig hpressure supply pumps for common rail fuel injection systems for use in diesel (compressionignition) engines.
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4 Dimensions and tolerances
4.1 General
Engine manufacturers should use the tolerance H7 for the female register diameter.
In the figures and tables, except for Figures 2 and 5 and Tables 2 and 5 (shaft end with tang drive), the
diameter d 2 corresponds to the diameter d specified in ISO 6519.
NOTE The flange configuration can optionally be rotated relative to the pump housing.
4.2 High-pressure supply pumps
4.2.1 Type 1 end-mounting flange
See Figure 1 and Table 1.BS ISO 7299-2 pdf download.