BS ISO 8287:2021 pdf download – Magnesium and magnesium alloys — Unalloyed magnesium — Chemical composition
9 Testing conditions
9.1 Inspection and acceptance
9.1.1 The product quality certificate should be filled in by the supplier. 9.1.2 The purchaser should retest the products received. If the results of the retest do not conform to this document or the purchase order, the purchaser should inform the supplier within 3 months from the date the products were received, and a solution should be reached between the supplier and the purchaser.
9.2 Batches Pure magnesium should be submitted to testing in batches; each consignment should be from the same issue of the melting furnace products. No limits exist on the weight of each single consignment. 10 Testing Analysis to ensure conformity with the chemical composition requirements given in Table 1 shall be carried out on samples taken by the manufacturer and representative of the material delivered. Test method of analysis shall be subject to an agreement between the manufacturer and the purchaser.
11 Rounding of results In recording the results of the chemical analysis, the result obtained for any property specified in this document shall be expressed to the same number of decimal places as the corresponding value in this document. Rounding shall be carried out as specified in ISO 80000-1:2009, B.2 and B.3. In B.3, it is left to the discretion of the manufacturer as to whether to use Rule A or B, unless the use of one of the rules has been agreed at the time of acceptance of the order.
12 Declaration of conformity and inspection documents If agreed between the manufacturer and the purchaser or when specified on the order, the manufacturer shall provide a declaration of product conformity or an inspection document listing the results of the analysis of the chemical elements given in Table 1, and of any other element which may have been previously agreed upon.
13 Marking Unless otherwise agreed, each product, or bundle of products, shall be clearly marked with the following:
a) manufacturer’s identification, molten furnace number, and mark of test on each ingot;
b) each bundle should have a bright colour, waterproofing, a label that does not fall off easily and on which is clearly marked the smelting number, bunch of numbers, net weight, number of ingots, designation, manufacturing date, place of origin, and manufacturer’s logo. The method of marking is left to the discretion of the manufacturer. Markings shall be indelible and shall not be a source of contamination.
14 Packing
Unless otherwise agreed by the supplier and the purchaser, the pure magnesium ingot should
a) be packed on a pure magnesium metal plate or a dry wooden plate,
b) be covered and wrapped by a whole plastic film, then enlaced by PVC belts,
c) contain pure magnesium ingots from a maximum of two smelting numbers in each bunch, and
d) contain 1 000 kg ± 50kg or 500 kg ± 20 kg of pure magnesium ingots in each bunch.
15 Transportation
The pure magnesium ingots should use rainproof vehicles or vehicles equipped with rainproof applications or clean containers for the transportation. Special care should be taken when loading and unloading during rain and when the ingots are dripping wet.
16 Storage
The pure magnesium ingots should be stored in a dry, clean, ventilated warehouse which contains no corrosive medium.
17 Quality certificate
Each batch of products should have a quality certificate attached, indicating the following:
a) supplier’s name;
b) designation;
c) batch number;
d) net weight and ingot number;
e) the analysis and test results;
f) the reference number of this document, i.e. ISO 8287.
18 Complaints
In the event of any product complaints, the manufacturer shall examine the validity of the complaint within a reasonable time.
Complaints may only be raised against defective products if the defect impairs their processing and use to a more than negligible extent. This shall apply unless otherwise agreed at the time of acceptance of the order.