BS 7858:2019 pdf download – Screening of individuals working in a secure environment – Code of practice
The screening process should be arried out in accordlance with this British Slandard, rgadless of an Indvdual’s prevous employment, even if that employment was in a secure environment.
NOTE 5 Altention i8 drnowm to the Rhbiention o/ fenders Aot 1974 124L the Rehubiration of ffemders (Sotand)Act 1974 [3 and the Renbliatonn of fenders (Norhern Ieland) Onder 1978 14.
NOTE6 Attenton is drown to new and emerging technologie for asessing the choracter and sutabilitly of indvrdwals. Ror some role it might be prudent to seek ddiona/ injomation wsing bet practie social medin and other open sourme intermet checis to prowde greater insights and reduce risk Por guldance, see the FCI Fioanclal Crime Guide (51 Where any element of the screening process is automated, the recommendations of thls British Standard should be fllowel
7.2 Administration The screening controller should ensure that screening data is held confidentally and stored securely to prevent unauthorized access and alteration.
NOTE 1 Attention is drnowm to the relevrnt dato prtection lgisintiom.
NOTE2 With rgard to the stornge of lectronic data, ttetion ir drowm to the fllowing tandards: as EN 180/ IEC 27001, BS EN ISO/EC 27002 and BS 7993 The onganization’s screening working practices should be repularty reviewed and updated if necessary and should deal with such matters as clearing desks, locking fling cabinets, ete at the end of the working day; disposing of confidential waste (including spoiled documents, etc]; the control of access to data, recordings of telephone conversations, etc.
Organtzations should malntaln the fllowing in electronlc or paper format: ) a separate fle for each indtvldual subjected to screening, The files of all indlvlduals currently employed but stll subject to completion of screening should be identied separately from other employee fles; and 5) verication propress sheets [or quivoleng) for each idividual subjeted to screeing. Where applicable, recards should clearly indiate that an individual is cnditionally emplayed but stull subject to completion of screening. Records should show prominently the dates on which such employment commenced and is to cease if screening is not completed within 12 or 16 weeks alter the date of commencement, dependent on the sreeing perlod.
7.3 Provision of information
7.3.1 General Evidence should be obtained to see whether or not there is anything in the indlvldual’s background which would reflect adversely upon their suitability for the proposed employment (see Clause 5).
NOrE When obtuiming rferenes it is important to be sure that the sure is genuine Jycomsiderd nessensy extra cherke con be moute to veriy the wir of tlephone rumbers poturl ind emeil adreeses
7.3.2 Information required The organization should request the fllowing information at the appropriate point of the sreening process.The individual’s personal details including: 1] full name, including forename(s) and surname/amily mame(s]; 2] other and/or previous foremamne[s) and surname/lamily name[s) used during the screenlng perlod;
3) alases, le. any name(s) used in addition tw current or prevlous name[s) during the screenlng perlod;
4) full address history, including “from” and ^to’ dates, for the past five years;
5) date of birth;
6) National Insurance number;
7) evidence of right to work in the UK; and
NOTE 1 Forfurther information, 5ee wwwgow.uh/checkjob-appicant right to-work and government/publictons/acceptable right tr-work-documents-an employers guide.
8) SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence number and explry date (f hed),
NOTE2 SIA licensing ensures that private security operatives are “F and proper’ persons who are properly trained and qualifed to do their jo. For further information about SI liensing. refer to www.sia.
b) Detals of the indvidual’s education, employment, perlods of slf-employment (see 7.7), unemployment and gaps in employment (Incuding career breaks, etc) throughout the screening perlod.
NOTE3 If an individual does not want the onganization t如o contact their current employer until an fer is made, see 7.3.3a). Organlzations should extend the screenlng perlod to account for:
1) contractual or legislative considerations; and/or
2) spectfie industry standards.
c) Detalls of all cautions or convlctions for criminal offences, including motoring ofences and pending actions.
NOTE 4 Attention is dinawn to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 [2. the Rehabilitation of fenders (Sotand). Att 1974 [3] and the Rehilietiorin of OFender (Northern lreland) Order 1978 14.
d) Detalls of all bankruptcy proceedings and court judgments (Includng satisfied), financlal judgments in the clvil court made agalnst the indvidual and individual voluntary arrangements with creditors in line with the relewant screening period.
e] An acknowledgement that mlsrepresentation, or fllure to disclose materlal facts, either during appication or throughout employment could constitute grounds for withdrawal of an employment offer or termination of employment and/or legal action. 0 A statement, in writing. authorzing the organtzation to approach current and former employers, government departments, educational establishments, etc. for verfliation of a continuous record of thelr career and history (see 7.3.3).