BS EN-500-6:2006 pdf download – Mobile road construction machinery — Safety — Part 6: Specific requirements for paver-finishers
5 Safety requirements and/or protective measures
5.1 Lighting, signalling and marking lights and reflex-reflector devices
5.2 of EN 500-1:2006 applies.
5.2 Operation and handling
5.3 of EN 500-1:2006 applies.
5.3 Operator’s station
5.4 of EN 500-1:2006 applies with the following exception:
5.4.1 of EN 500-1:2006, fifth and sixth indent, applies only for forward measurement;
5.4.2 of EN 500-1:2006, first paragraph, does not apply for paver-finishers.
5.4 Operator’s seat
5.5 of EN 500-1:2006 applies.
5.5 Controls and indicators
5.6 of EN 500-1:2006 applies with the following addition:
the extending or closing of the telescopic screed shall not be induced simultaneously from both the operator’s station and the remote control area. Controls for the regulation of the telescopic screeds shall be designed in such a manner as to ensure that they return to neutral when released (hold-to-run control).
5.6 Starting
5.7 of EN 500-1:2006 applies.
5.7 Stopping
5.8 of EN 500-1:2006 applies with the following addition:
braking systems of rubber-tyred paver-finishers shall comply with Annex A.
5.8 Access systems to operator’s station and to maintenance points
5.9 of EN 500-1:2006 applies with the following exception and addition:
the height of the first step (600 mm) for access to the operator’s position can be exceeded in transport position.
5.9 does not apply for access systems leading to service points in the area of the material hopper.
Walkways shall be fitted to the screed sections and shall cover the operating width of the screed.
5.9 Protection
5.10 of EN 500-1:2006 applies with the following addition:
screeds shall be provided with a locking device to ensure safe elevation.
The spreader augers from which mechanical hazard emanates within the width of the basic machine shall be fitted with fixed guards according to 3.2 of EN 953:1997, e.g. by gratings.
When the spreader augers extend beyond the width of the basic machine, they shall at least be protected by guard-rails.
When paver-finishers are designed for use on rails, all wheels in each direction of travel shall be provided with footguards. The distance between the foot-guards and upper edge of the rail shall not exceed 20 mm.
5.10 Pressurised systems
5.11 of EN 500-1:2006 applies.
5.11 Fire protection
5.12 of EN 500-1:2006 applies.
5.12 Hot surfaces
5.13 of EN 500-1:2006 applies.
5.13 Signal devices and warning signs
5.14 of EN 500-1:2006 applies with the following addition:
telescopic screeds used on paver-finishers which could form crushing or shearing zones during their operation shall be fitted with yellow flashing lights. Those flashing lights shall be located close to the crushing or shearing zones and shall be activated automatically when the screeds are extended or retracted.
5.14 Liquid gas units
5.15 of EN 500-1:2006 applies.
5.15 Electrical and electronic systems
5.16 of EN 500-1:2006 applies.
5.16 Electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC)
5.17 of EN 500-1:2006 applies with the following addition:
the antenna shall be located successively on the left- and right-hand sides of the paver-finisher, with the antenna parallel to the plane of the longitudinal symmetry of the paver-finisher and in line with the SIP.
5.17 Noise and vibration
5.18.2 and 5.18.3 of EN 500-1:2006 apply with the following addition:
for the determination of the noise values, Annex B applies to paver-finishers and Annex C applies to slipform pavers.
5.18 Conveyors
Hopper conveyors need not to comply with 5.19 of EN 500-1:2006.
6 Verification of safety requirements and/or protective measures
Clause 6 of EN 500-1:2006 applies.
7 Information for the user
7.1 Warning signals and devices
Annex E of EN 500-1:2006 applies.
7.2 Instruction handbook
7.2 of EN 500-1:2006 applies with the following additions:
information for a safe cleaning of the hopper and auger;
information for a safe handling of gas bottles.BS EN-500-6 pdf download.