BS EN 61966-5:2009 pdf download – Multimedia systems and equipment — Colour measurement and management — Part 5: Equipment using plasma display panels
1 scope
This part of lEC 61966 defines input test signals,measurement conditions,methods ofmeasurement and reporting of the measured data, to be used for colour characterization andcolour management of plasma display panels in multimedia systems.
Colour control within equipment is outside the scope of this International Standard. It does notspecify limiting values for various parameters.
2Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document.For dated references, only the edition cited applies.For undated references, the latest editionof the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
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Terms and definitions
For the purpose of this part of lEC 61966, the definitions of lEC 60050-845/CIE 17.4, as wellas the following definitions, apply.
image on a screen of the PDP display other than the interested area of a colour patch
colour control
effort to convert equipment dependent colour image data to equipment independent data for aspecific colour space including tone characteristics
colour patch, test area
square colour image on a screen of the PDP display subject to be measured for colourreproduction, in which input data for the red, green and blue channels are kept constant withinthe image area
colorimetrically well-controlled equipment using cathode ray tubes to present colour imageswith digital inputs for reference
PDP display
any multimedia equipment using plasma display panels to present colour images
effective screen height
vertical dimension of the effective screen area
effective screen area
area where a picture can be produced
normalized (image) signal
input signal normalized by its full scale value,whose level is of interest in calculation andevaluation of colour control function within PDP display,see also equation (1)
uncertainty (of measurement)
parameter,associated with the result of a measurement, that characterizes the dispersion ofthe values that could reasonably be attributed to the particular quantity subject tomeasurement
NOTESee also [16] 1.
4 Letters and symbols
The notations consistently adopted in this part of IEC 61 966 are summarized below.
5 Conditions
5.1 Environmental conditions
All measurements specified in this standard shall be carried out in a dark room. Particular attention should be paid to reflected illumination caused by the ambient objects (desktop, wall, etc.) and to direct illumination from light-emitting indicators of measuring instruments. A 1 h warm-up time should precede the measurements in 7.2, 9.2, 1 0.2, 1 1 .2 and 1 4.2, if not specified by the manufacturer of the equipment. The mains voltage and frequency shall be at the rated values specified by the manufacturer of a PDP display. When the mains voltage fluctuates, a regulated power supply should be used to maintain the supply voltage within ± 5 % of the rated value.
Other environmental conditions such as room temperature and relative humidity shall be reported together with the results of the measurements. If additional environmental conditions are described in the manufacturer’s specifications, these should also be taken into account.
5.2 Conditions of measurements Contrast, brightness and additional adjustments shall be set to the preset positions specified by the manufacturer of the PDP display under measurement. When the adjustment is set to a position other than the preset, the position or corresponding value should be reported with the results of the measurements. The equipment arrangement for non-contact measurements should be as shown in figure 1 . It incorporates a spectroradiometer or a non-contact colorimeter, depending on the character- istics to be measured. The instrument optical axis should be normal to the centre of the surface of the PDP display. The distance d between the faceplate of the PDP display and the measuring instrument shall be h 4 or larger, where h is the effective screen height of the display, see Figure 1 .