BS ISO 16792:2015 pdf download – Technical product documentation — Digital product definition data practices
This International Standard specifies requirements for the preparation, revision, and presentation ofdigital product definition data, hereafter referred to as data sets.Itsupports two methods of application:;model-only and model and drawing in digital format. Its structure presents requirements common toboth methods followed by clauses providing for any essential, differing requirements for each method.Additionally, its use in conjunction with computer-aided design (CAD) systems could assist in theprogression towards improved modelling and annotation practices for CAD and engineering disciplines,as well as serving as a guideline for IT engineers.
The aspects specified in this International Standard refer mainly, but not exclusively, to requirementsthat differ or are additional to those provided in existing,related standards.Where nosuch requirementsare identified, it is safe to assume that the appropriate existing ISO standards are instead applicable.
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The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For datedreferences, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenceddocument (including any amendments) applies.
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3Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions in ISo 10209:2012 and the following apply.3.1General
absolute coordinate system
primary model coordinate system in the CAD model used to define the location of digital elements inthe CAD model
datum system
set of two or more situation features established in a specific order from two or more datum featuresNote 1 to entry: To define a datum system, it is necessary to consider the collection surface created by theconsidered datum features. The invariance class of a collection surface can be complex,prismatic, helical,cylindrical, revolute, planar, or spherical (see ISO 5459:2011,Table B.1).
[SOURCE: ISO 5459:2011,3.10]
user defined coordinate system
model coordinate system which is created in the CAD model in addition to the absolute coordinate system
3.2Classification codes for drawings and data sets (see Annex A)
classification code
designation assigned to product definition data that defines what data are included within the set, or both
Note 1 to entry: A drawing can either be in physical or electronic format.3.2.2
classification code 1
drawing with optional data set
Note 1 to entry:Classification code 1 identifies that the data elements are located on the drawing and the drawingis the original.
classification code 2
data set with model and drawing
Note 1 to entry: Classification code 2 identifies that data elements are located on a drawing and the drawing isthe original.A computer is used as a tool to prepare the drawing and the model. Data elements are located in thedigital data and the drawing-